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  2. Aigars started to take pictures, develop b/w films and darkroom processing in the mid seventies at age 10-11. When he begun his studies at the Art Academy of Latvia he started to take photography more seriously and professionally. Started with first freelancing projects.

    He have had four photographic solo shows (2000, 2006, 2015) and participated in 13 group shows (contemporary art, photography). His photos are published in several magazines.
    We do outdoor and indoor photography with professional studio lights. Favourite outdoor photography style is 'photojournalism' in this style we do also wedding photography.

    What is "photojournalism style" wedding photography? Here is an example. We can design and print photo books and albums for any ocassion.


  3. Hard copy of self-publish book. Full book you can see at issuu site.

  4.  photo eBooks 

    Where the West meets the East II

    Sri lanka

    D&G Wedding Book

    Coorg Motorbike Tour