About us

Our past and present clients:

Peepletree design studio is founded in 2016 and 2017 we opened Art Gallery in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore.

Peepletree design studio is partner agency of 'X RAY Ltd' - Latvian-Estonian joint venture which operate in Europe and worldwide.

Achoo Entertainment (graphic design, presentation)

Aliens on Wheels in India (branding, gifts, videos)

Beat Hierarchy (music artworks, music videos)

Blowhorn (graphic design, photography, videos)

Daramic (graphic design, exhibition design)

Diya Foundation (videos)

Diya Innovations (videos)

Indian Paratha Company (food photography, videos)

Maga (branding, graphic design)

Mantojums (Latvia) (graphic design, book design)

Many lifestyle bloggers (40 videos for Instagram)

NsN Co (graphic design, music videos)

Raithamitra Farmers Producer Co. (packaging design)

Raunas Bruģakmens (Latvia) (graphic design)

Refundor (brochures, business cards)

Rosalind Fashion (branding, graphic design, photography)

sCoolMeal (food photography, graphic design, videos)

Smiltenes Piens (Latvia) (Video-TV Ad, Social Media)

Tata Coffee (videos, graphic design for social media)

Torq03 (graphic design, photography, videos)

Torry Harris Business Solutions (videos)

Torry Harris Restaurants (videos)

Ugle (Latvia) (branding)

Univo (graphic design)

Urban Clap (videos)

Vista Autotech (graphic design, web design, videos)

Ziņas TV (Latvia) (TV advertisement video with 3D graphics)


Info for all designers and design companies! If India Paratha Company wants to book you for some assessment, take 100% advance payment! If they deny, say good bye! Our recomendation.

 Peepletree Studio's "protagonists" are:


Maya loves to draw and doodle, colors, my garden, the countryside, true blue Bangalorean at heart, trained as an architect, travelled the world and back to roots.


Aigars is passionate about bikes, photography, art, design and gardening, Latvian by birth, loves India as much as sun. Bio.


Bailey (Baileys Dumpis) is Co-founder and a Chief Contributor of doggie love and energy.