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Life inspires us and art defines our lives. The world around us, nature, our everyday lives, the beauty, the mundane, the awful, the intricate web of our lives, drive us to create. We love what we do and are here to share what we make, – Art, – in various forms. We invite you to visit our gallery. Enjoy! 

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Featured Work


Most of what we commonly know about kangaroos is the endearing imagery we associate with the baby kangaroo or joey in it's mother's pouch. But the kangaroo is a powerful animal. Especially the males who, in their ritualized fighting, will often use their tail as a fifth leg to rest on, while they kick each other in the belly. 
Drawing on his repertoire of interpreting and illustrating whimsical scenarios using animals in unusual settings, the artist depicts in this painting, what looks to be a very genteel and civil occasion. Contrast the dainty tea party with the strength and power of the two male kangaroos. And the absurdity that goes with it. In reality, kangaroos would not actually be able to simply sit in this position. For this is the position the male would adopt when he is about to kick his opponent in the belly, using his hind legs,  while his thick, strong tail  props him up to keep his balance.

The painting is titled Ceasefire. The stance of the two kangaroos, in which they might have been sizing each other up before the attack, has instead been replaced with the suggestion that they are trying to make peace. Much like world powers, who might find themselves negotiating at peace talks, a peace that is delicate and fragile. And which could equally be crushed by the power and strength of the opposing parties. 


Featured Work


 'Kittens Sail to the moon inside the water buffalo'
Presenting our featured work of the fortnight, - this work by Aigars draws inspiration from the first ever science fiction movie - made in 1902 by Georges Méliès, film maker and magician, - Le Voyage dans la Lun. A classic of the silent movie era, it has fantastical sets that are magical spectacles in themselves. 
Characteristic of his most recent body of work, where he portrays animals of our everyday world in anthropomorphic settings, Aigars reimagines the plot line of Le Voyage in this painting, except that it is the cats which are journeying to the moon in the very unusual "spaceship" - the buffalo. The cat in the spacesuit represents Professor Barbenfouillis, president of the Astronomers Club, played by Méliès himself, in the movie. The rocket landing in the eye of the man in the moon, is one of the most iconic images in cinematic history. 
The theme of depicting animals taking on the role of humans is part of the language he uses to build up the narrative of this parallel world. The sense of power of the buffalo in motion, the use of collage in creating a 3d like illusion of the crew of cats, evoking a subtle sense of movement, the "captain" of the ship looking towards the moon, all take the viewer along in this alternative telling of the original story, with it's wizardry and sense of magic. This work presents a humorous take on the iconic film, with the quirkiness and whimsy that often runs through Aigars' work.  

Year: 2022
Media: Acrylic on wood, mixed media
Size: 79 X 43.25"



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