Peepletree Art Gallery is happy to announce that our coworking space
is now open.

Are you a freelancer, or a digital nomad, an entrepreneur with your own early stage startup? A design creative or perhaps developing your own app. Maybe you are just tired of the isolation that the WFH ethic has engendered.

If so, our coworking space would be a great solution to finding the perfect place to work or to conduct client meetings, away from the noise and distraction of a busy coffee shop or, at the opposite end, working long hours from home.

Our coworking space is a part of our gallery setup, and includes a private meeting room. Or you could also work outdoors in our lovely garden, a refreshing welcome from the confines of a closed office. Working in close proximity to an art filled space is sure to get the creative juices flowing!

We offer hourly, daily and weekly options, and WiFi is included.

Please call 9845753937 for enquiries.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Peepletree Co-Work Photo/Video Gallery