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Upcoming Exhibitions



Dec. 26th - Jan. 1 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Gallery

a captivating exhibition of paintings by Aigars Liepins, that feature a variety of animals showcasing the artist's passion and enthusiasm to depict the beauty of the natural world.
An artist by training from the Art Academy in Latvia and an artist at heart, Aigars Liepins has been living and working in India for several years. The exhibition also includes paintings of the artist's impressions of life in India.

For details please whatsapp 98457-53937


Solo show by Aigars Liepiņš - Paintings from his new 'Saree-Kitsch period'. Postponed, postponed and postponed because of pandemic.


Past exhibitions


Annual 'Artists' Day 25th October' exhibition

Welcome to Peepletree Art Gallery's annual International Artists' Day 2020 exhibition.

This is a one-of-a-kind show to celebrate creative self expression, where artists are hosted by Peepletree to participate at no cost. This is an open invitation to artists, both professional and amateur (who do not have formal training but create more professional quality work).

This year, with the pandemic and the need for social distancing, we take it online. Hopefully next year we will be able to host as usual, a non-virtual event at our gallery.
So here, now, we present the works of our participating artists. We invite you to enjoy this virtual show. Thank you and enjoy!


Photo exhibition by Suresh Sharma.

January 11-19th, 2020. Photo exhibition by Suresh Sharma. Preview on January 10, 6-9PM



Artists Day 25th October

The exhibition to celebrate Artists' Day 25th October at Peepletree Art Gallery. A group show of curated artworks. 25th October - 27th October, 2019.

Participants: Aigars Liepiņš Professional artist, designer, educator, video/photographer. Graduated MD from Art Academy of Latvia. This is Aigars’ 17th group show and he has had 4 solo shows. Archana Self taught freelance artist, specialized in mural painting, using heavy body acrylic on canvas. Arun V B calls himself a passionate artist tortured by beauty, who loves the charm and sensitivity of an incomplete vine charcoal drawing. Greema Michael is an abstract artist working mainly with acrylic. Hinglaz Bardoloi is an abstract artist who works mostly with acrylic. She has exhibited her work this year in World Art Dubai and Swiss Art Expo. Mannat Sait is a graphic designer who has recently begun her journey in fine art. She believes that drawing and painting is the best way for us to capture and preserve the complex beauty of ordinary things. Maya Rao-Liepiņa is trained as a designer from the University of Texas. She has been painting from a young age, mostly landscapes and nature themes. Narendra is self taught artist by passion, architect by profession, and professional tattoo artist. Pushpa Kalasa Professional artist specialized in watercolor works, GD in Fine Arts, has participated in several international shows. Sheetal Prasanth Artist by passion, paints mainly with acrylic.


Exhibition 'Portraits' by Aigars Liepiņš



Sandra Groza solo show

Born in Latvia and my nationality is Latvian. In October 2014 Latvia opened Embassy in India and my husband became the first Latvian ambassador to this wonderful country. Since that time we are in New Delhi.

"I am not an artist but have a hobby: I like to paint the eggs for Easter which is a special time, universally enjoyed in Latvia. People colour eggs with various materials. Eggs appears on the table not only as festive delicacy, but also are used as home decoration for Easter time."




MotoArt Show.

 Opening of the exhibition:

 Closing party:



"Retrospective" is a group art show, in which we exhibit the works of Maya Liepina and Aigars Liepiņš, and which coincides with the formal opening of Peepletree Art Gallery on 5th of March, 2017. As it is the very first exhibition at Peepletree Art Gallery, we thought what better way to introduce ourselves than to show our earlier works.

We present several of Aigars' academic works from his student days at Art Academy of Latvia – studio projects which include portraiture and studies of the human form.
Some of his works like 'Self-portrait as Madonna with Machine gun' (Ink, pencil on paper) also rendered in the dry needle technique.
Screen Prints, Linocut, Aquatint, Lithography in 'Not my Business'.
Post Academy work – 'Arizona Desert' (Oil on cardboard), 'Creepy Dolls' inspired by collection of vintage dolls which also exposed at gallery.
Maya's works are drawn from 3 different series. The most recent include landscape paintings (acrylic on canvas), inspired by the countryside covered in our motorcycle rides. "Sunflowers" is inspired by the our ride in North Karnataka, which captured the essence of this region, with the beauty of the fields of flowers and the windmills like giant mechanical flowers themselves, tracing the outline of the distant hills. "Forest Fires" depicts the fires that blazed in the Bandipur forests, that sadly destroy the forests and are a threat to the wildlife and natural ecosystem of that environment.
Two of the paintings are from her cityscape series, (2009), inspired by the literary work "Invisible Cities" by the Italian author Italo Calvino.
Finally two mixed media drawings rendered in a style inspired by Goth art, were meant to be self exploratory.
The show is on till the 31st of August, 2017.