1/11/2016 Design challenge game

I hope my future students will not read this. I want to keep them in ignorance of this design challenge, so that it will be a surprise for them.
As you may perhaps know, I teach graphic design in a college. Over the last three terms in the ‘Identity system’ module, I used to play this design challenge game. The students as well as myself write down some words on pieces of paper. The first set consists of random nouns and the second, types of business.
Then they each pick one paper from each stack. And here we are – we have some kind business and it’s name.
After that we start individually to design a logo for the company chosen in this “lottery”.
So far funniest combination was a drug dealer company with the name “Good”.
I share with you here, only my own designs created during this game.

1. Company name: “Good”
Type of business: drug (narcotics) dealer


2. Company name: Waste
Type of business: massage spa/salon


3. Company name: Water
Type of business: mercenaries

30/10/2016 Case study of one illustration. Character’s transformations.

I have got an assignment to make illustrations for State Revenue Service.
It was a campaign against unofficial paying of salaries without taxes. In Latvia it is called “envelope salary”. The whole idea was to show a man after retirement with a very small pension because social taxes were not payed.


Well, I can make illustrations in various styles such that nobody would guess that they were made by the same illustrator. I started with my favourite style these days, using Adobe illustrator’s brush tool and mouse. I did not have a tablet this time.
The project manager asked me to draw a man with a huge envelope hanging around his neck.


“may be make one version with old fashioned wallet? I wanted to see how both would look. Yes and make him look very poor”
I changed his threadbare formal suit to a ragged old sweater.


“may be you can do something with his head? And make one version where he is sitting on a stack of envelopes to show all the salaries he received without paying taxes. Yes, and add some banknotes spreading out from the envelope to clearly show that there is money (salary) in an envelope”
In one illustration I drew funny hair on him. It is quite annoying when you Have to make changes on an illustration that you think is almost perfect. Nothing to add, nothing to cut off.


“ok, let’s keep only envelopes and do something with his face please. And his sweater looks too good, make it more ragged”


“sweater is good, but I do not like this face.”


“now he looks like an old jew”

“I like this face. Let’s keep it and go ahead!”

“ i have an idea - make one version where he is naked to show how extremely poor he is. And make one more illustration where he is begging and with empty envelopes behind him, and remove that Latvian national ornament, let's be more cosmopolitanistic”

."OK, naked man is too much! We will not use it"

Final versions.
Work done..

1/09/2016 Thieves and interesting people

People sometimes forget to pay or at least ask permission to use others' intellectual property. If they use it for money making like techbitextra.com, theassistanteditor.net, tech-effect.com then it is a crime (those three sites are down now). Stealing is not what our society considers as good. And it is punishable. To avoid it such people will receive an invoice from 'X-ray Ltd'.

Originally 'Te' logo was designed for 'Te Ltd'. This logo was property of Te Ltd and its creators Aigars Liepins and X-ray Ltd. Well, it is only one owner left now, because Te company stopped their business about 5 years ago.

Niks logo is the most famous, but looks like it's mostly used for non commercial purposes. It has been spotted on linkedin, youtube, yahoo, google+ and some private blogs. Originally Niks logo was designed in the 1990s for Niks Sawing Company.

People perhaps do not know that they cannot use without permission, all things which are living/can be found on the world wide web.

There is a lot of websites which just love to borrow things from others. Example – Te Ltd logo was published only in four websites – Te Ltd (doesn't exist anymore), X-Ray, Peepletree and Brand of the World (there is vector format logo). Those clones like vector.me, gmkfreelogos.com, logosave.com, easylogo.cn, seeklogo.com, logovectors.net, clipart-finder.com, logo-city.org etc are using uploaded files from Brand of the World website without permission.

More samples of stealing.

'Spy Bar' logo made by Aigars is used by several websites – cheaplogogolfballs.com, shopmallchina.com, sz-wholesale.com, custom-product.com, wellpromo.com,