'Zooropia': Maya Rao and Aigars Liepins find magic in the mundane

 Nature is full of drama, says Liepins
By Mini P Thomas |
Updated: August 06, 2022 12:21 IST

Maya Rao and her husband Aigars Liepins need not go far for inspiration. Peepletree, their art gallery is surrounded by ferns, shrubs and wild trees. A mother cat and her new born kittens enliven the private garden. The artist couple draws heavily on the natural world.

“When the lockdown happened, it was quite amazing. The environment was very quiet and our garden was full of birds. Kingfishers would come and catch fishes in our pond. Doves would roost in our garden,’’ says Liepins who is originally from Latvia.

Zooropia, an exhibition of works of Liepins and Rao that is currently on display at Peepletree, make you smile, laugh and think. The acrylic, mixed media and collage works transport you to a make-believe world wherein kangaroos enjoy a cup of tea peacefully and cats fly to the moon.

Sometimes Liepins and Rao go on bike rides and explore the world outside. “Once we went to North Karnataka on the way to Goa. Over there we saw those sunflower fields,’’ says Rao pointing to one of her paintings. Instead of taking photographs, Rao stayed there and absorbed that image in her mind and came back and painted like a woman possessed. “The windmills behind the sunflower fields, from a distance, looked like huge flowers swaying in the wind,’’ she recalls.

Rao studied architecture before pursuing her passion. She is more inclined towards landscapes and plants and Liepins gets inspired by animals and birds. He observes and cherishes the little things in his garden. Nature is full of drama, says Liepins. “Once a monkey was sitting on our fence and a dog was barking like crazy. The monkey just ignored the dog.” The action packed moments in the garden is depicted beautifully in one of his paintings.

Rao loves bright colours. Her work titled 'Flame of the Forest' was inspired by a wildfire in Bandipur. “On the hill, a huge fire was burning. There were no leaves. Everything had turned into ash.” Liepins turns the mundane into magical. When one of his favourite silk shirts started to disintegrate, he used it to cover the canvas. He creates art out of even worn out duppattas and old denim jeans.

“Are you able to make a living out of this?,” I ask. “I’d say not consistently,” quips Rao. “But you can if you are persistent. Sometimes you have to find the right collectors who resonate with your kind of work. When you build up a relationship with them, then it becomes obviously much easier,” she adds.

Rao looks out of the window even as she talks to me. She is worried about one of her kittens that disappeared two days ago. “ This is the life of stray cats. I don’t know whether they were run over or bitten by other cats,” she says with a heavy heart. 



Workshop - sunflowers and styles

Are you an art enthusiast or hobbyist artist? And would you like to learn more about art and various art movements that have shaped our world?

– how to paint sunflowers (realistic and abstract)
– some watercolour techniques
– key features of – popular art movements such as art nouveau, Pop art, surrealism, cubist and post-impressionism

In this series of workshops, you will learn to paint sunflowers - a popular floral subject for many famous artists. You will also learn some technical aspects of water colour painting. 

There will be 5 sessions, and in each session, you will learn about and render the subject -(sunflowers)- in the style of a specific art movement.




a captivating exhibition of paintings by Aigars Liepins, that feature a variety of animals showcasing the artist's passion and enthusiasm to depict the beauty of the natural world.

An artist by training from the Art Academy in Latvia and an artist at heart, Aigars Liepins has been living and working in India for several years. The exhibition also includes paintings of the artist's impressions of life in India.

Exhibition is ongoing.
For details please whatsapp 98457-53937


Official selection of film festivals

Three of our films are official selections at the following film festivals:
Santa Cruz Moto Film Festival 2021, USA. Official selection - film ‘Jagannath Tour’;
Black Hills Moto Film Festival 2021, USA. Official selection - films ‘Ride to Tadasa Bridge’ and ‘Bike Cargo’;
Adventure Travel Film Festival 2022 in The Cotswolds, UK. Official selection - film ‘Jagannath Tour’;
Adventure Travel Film Festival 2023 in Scotland, UK. Official selection - film ‘Jagannath Tour’;
Adventure Travel Film Festival 2023 in Australia. Official selection - film ‘Jagannath Tour’.



Peepletree Art Gallery is happy to announce that our coworking space is now open.

Are you a freelancer, or a digital nomad, an entrepreneur with your own early stage startup? A design creative or perhaps developing your own app. Maybe you are just tired of the isolation that the WFH ethic has engendered.If so, our coworking space would be a great solution to finding the perfect place to work or to conduct client meetings, away from the noise and distraction of a busy coffee shop or, at the opposite end, working long hours from home. 

Our coworking space is a part of our gallery setup, and includes a private meeting room. Or you could also work outdoors in our lovely garden, a refreshing welcome from the confines of a closed office. Working in close proximity to an art filled space is sure to get the creative juices flowing!

We offer hourly, daily and weekly options, and WiFi is included.

Please call 9845753937 for enquiries.
We look forward to hearing from you.




Peepletree Art Gallery wishes all our patrons and visitors a very happy New Year!
Here's to a better year than the world has experienced in the recent past.
Here's to a bright and wonderful 2022!




Lighting design for Peepletree Co-Work



Artwork creation process

 We started new video series - 'Artwork creation process'. First two episodes are published on our Youtube channel.



Black Hills Moto Film Festival 2021

Two our films has been selected to show at Black Hills Moto Film Festival 2021. 



Mango Story

 This video is about Velanga Orchards and Slow Pottery Art Residency



Santa Cruz Moto Film Festival 2021

 Our film 'Jagannath Tour 2020' Episode 2 has been selected to show at Santa Cruz Moto Film Festival 2021. 



Legendary Motorcycles of India

 After "$#it hit the fan" era is over and we will be able to move around and meet people, we will start production of 'Legendary Motorcycles of India' series.




More New Videos




Christmas sales

From December 18th till January 5th.

Paintings, drawings, home decors and many more



New videos

December, 2020



New Artworks

at our Gallery. Just a reminder - we are open





Annual 'Artists' Day 25th October' exhibition

Welcome to Peepletree Art Gallery's annual International Artists' Day 2020 exhibition.

This is a one-of-a-kind show to celebrate creative self expression, where artists are hosted by Peepletree to participate at no cost. This is an open invitation to artists, both professional and amateur (who do not have formal training but create more professional quality work).

This year, with the pandemic and the need for social distancing, we take it online. Hopefully next year we will be able to host as usual, a non-virtual event at our gallery.
So here, now, we present the works of our participating artists. We invite you to enjoy this virtual show. Thank you and enjoy!



New music video

This is director's cut.

Final, officially released by client version might be different. Audio in this video is "working variant", not the final.


Upcoming events in October/November

Annual 'Artists' Day 25th October' exhibition.
Call for professional artists. Amateurs are welcome if their works are professional level.

Video making with DSLR workshop conducted by Peepletree Creative Director Aigars Liepiņš.
Shooting & editing. Theorey, tips and tricks, practical work, green screen etc.


New type of animation

An experiment. We tried new type of animation for new Series 'Biker Rising'.



Festive Peepletree Branding




An Artist


 Latvian Midsummer





Our Newest Showreel



New artworks

NB! Our gallery is open for visitors with prior booking by phone (+91) 98 45 75 39 37

 July, 2020, New works by Aigars  at our Art Gallery.



A lot of social media designs are made

Various examples of images and videos



Product review video

We made LS2 Metro Evo modular dual-sport helmet review.

This video include 2D animation, Shoots on green screen and complicated editing with masking.



New Video - TV Advertisement

TV Advertisement with 3D graphics 'Smiltenes Piens'. This advertisement will be shown on Latvian television channels.
Concept & Production by Peepletree.



Two more workshops in February



Video Making Workshop

February 2nd, 2020.
10AM - 1PM

This workshop is especially meant for travel bloggers, travel videos and unscripted documentaries such as weddings and other events, to share and upload on various platforms. If you simply wish to start learning about video production, this is very useful for you!

Also purpose of this workshop is to "open your video making chakra."

Workshop conducted by
Aigars Liepiņš Creative Director at Peepletree.
Location: 269, 17th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru.
Call 9845753937 to register.

After the Workshop we made short promotional video about Workshop in our Art Gallery. Video is taken with cheap phone and it was vertical.



Photography workshop

Photography Workshop at Peepletree Art Gallery conducted by Sreesha Belakvadi.

Date: 2020-01-19


Branding for upcoming rides


Branding for Crazy Bike Trips in India - Aliens on Wheels in India.

Jagannath Tour 2020. Two riders, Three travelers. 5000+ km. Approximately two+ weeks. States: Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jkarkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana.

Hampi Tour 2020. Three riders, 700 km.


 Videos made after the rides.


Calendars 2020

 We have art and photo calendars 2020 at our shop. + Greeting cards, post cards, badges, artworks etc.


Turn of decades videos

 The last ride of 2019. December 29th.

 The first ride of 2020. January 1st.


New videos

All episodes of 'Conquering Europe 2019' finished. Episode 1 - Riga, the capital of Latvia. Episode 2 - Latvia's Countryside. Episode 3 - charity ride with Latvian bikers. Episode 4 - bikers meetup at Madona. Episode 5 - Celebration of Midsummer Eve Festival. Episode 6 - TET Latvia (Līgatne-Sigulda). Episode 7 - Tallinn (Estonia). All videos playlist here.


Christmas sale

Christmas sale at our gallery from December 21st till 27th.

We have many new things! Come in 2020!


Branding for Alienbikers Youtube channel

We just finished branding for Aliens on Wheels in India - Alienbikers Youtube channel. There are different type of videos. We created Logos and templates for uploading custom thumbnails.

Aliens Ride - videos about motorcycle rides they organized.

Aliens Talk - reviews about motorcycling related things.

Film Trailer - for short trailers and teasers.

Aliens Watch - motorcycling events where they didn't participate as bikers, but it was they assessment to shoot film.

Aliens Take Partmotorcycling events where they participated.

Alians Eat - reviews about places to eat or don't on the way.

Aliens Everyday - random things from they life.

Dirt Forever and Lil' Dirt Ride - for offroad, adventure rides.


New video from 'Dirt Forever'series

It was extended breakfast ride with my friends from '50+ Bulleteers Bengaluru' motorcycle club. Major plan for my ride was to test my new rain gear. Done!

BTW, Maria Le Frog have her page on Facebook.



Few months ago we produced video for Torry Harris Restaurants. It was approximately 3.5 minutes long. Client asked us now to make 20 seconds long version of it.


'Make Room' event video

Peepletree Art Gallery hosted after conference relax "afterparty" for Make Room EU-India project “ActionLab: Generating Social Businesses”.


Video - Ride to 'Paradise Lagoon'

Just finished editing of video for 'Aliens on Wheels in India - Crazy Bike Trips'.

Two bikers.

Two cameras.

Two very different cameras.


Peepletree Art Gallery hosted "Latvian Cultural Evening" LATVIEŠU KULTŪRAS VAKARS event in celebration of the 101st Independence Day of Latvia.  Event happened on Nov. 16th


Music video


Opening of the exhibition