'Indian Demon Mask'

'Kathakali Dance Mask'

 'Mr. Tiger'

 Rs 600  -  Unique hand painted only in one copy.    in stock 


               'Still Life' 

 'An Apples'


' Pears'    SOLD  




'An Oranges' 

'Indian Demon Mask'

Rs 550  -  Unique hand painted only in one copy.    in stock 

                           'Biryani'    SOLD  


'Hand Grenade'    SOLD  

'Boo'    SOLD  

Comic Style  -  Rs 500     in stock 




 'Cherries 1'

 'Cherries 2'



Rs 450   Various fruits and berries    in stock 


Rs 200   'Salt & Pepper'     in stock 


'My Beer'

Rs 350      SOLD  


 6 cm diameter badges. Rs 150   in stock 

Available also this design badges, but only  pre order . Minimal amount 25 badges.

We can also design badges for you. Pre order 25 badges + design expenses. Price for 25 badges will be Rs 150 each (Save 50 Rupees).

Pin Badges

 Unique soviet (USSR) era pin badges. Price varies depending on material and rerarity of each pin badge. Visit us to see.   in stock